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Information for medical professionals.

Below are a variety of products to help give training and assistance to medical professionals.

Products from Black Robin Designs are inspired by the great many parents and practitioners we have met through our work at C-Pro Direct. The issues we have addressed are based on practical experiences and what people tell us are good ideas.

Working in collaboration with MD Orthopaedics, C-Pro Direct designs and manufactures the Abduction Dorsiflexion Mechanism (ADM), which is a new generation of foot abduction braces offering unrivalled levels of active control, comfort and convenience.

Ponseti and Dobbs Braces

C-Pro Direct Ltd is the European Distributor for MD Orthopaedics Inc. USA, the manufacturers of the Ponseti AFO (sandals and bars) and training models.

The Ponseti AFO (sandals and bar) comes in a range of types and sizes. This includes 4 different sized bar and 3 types of sandals to be attached to the bar. Sandals are available to buy singularly or in pairs without the bar, if you already have a bar. Please read the descriptions below carefully before deciding what to purchase. Please contact us if you require further information. Please note middle strap pressure saddles are available for all sandals to provide extra padding if necessary.

THE ADM - Abduction Dorsiflexion Mechanism

The ADM is a new generation of foot abduction brace offering unrivalled levels of active control, comfort and convenience. The ADM enables new bracing strategies beyond the scope of the boots and bar to encourage active development. No other Dynamic AFO (DAFO) supports both sub-talar and tibio-talar joint functions in a single device.

As a night brace the ADM is convenient and comfortable for use, well tolerated by children and may be used to prevent clubfoot relapse in accordance with the Ponseti Method. For some cases it may also be used to manage clubfoot relapse. The ADM permits full functional mobility and may be attached to normal footwear for children with dynamic supination.

Training Models 

C-Pro Direct can provide a range of Anatomical Club Foot Models which are an invaluable training aid for consultants and physiotherapists.

Clubfoot Database 

The Clubfoot Database is a cloud-based computer application that records and tracks patient progress. The database has been designed with input from experienced practitioners and enables efficient capture of complete clubfoot treatment records. Data can be input and accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Congenital Clubfoot Fundamentals of Treatment Book by Dr Ignacio Ponseti

"The purpose of this book is to explain why an orthopaedic treatment – which takes advantage of the biological response of young connective tissue and bone to corrective position changes gradually obtained by manipulation and casting – is the sensible approach to the treatment of congenital clubfoot" – extract from preface.

All you need to know about the Ponseti method, and why it works.

Dorsi Ramp - Dorsiflexion Ramp for Children to age 10 years

It is not easy to persuade toddlers and children to actively engage in physiotherapy to stretch their Achilles tendons and calf muscles. But a few minutes good quality stretching each day can really help “toe walkers” to improve their gait, growing clubfoot children to avoid relapses and many other conditions linked to limited dorsiflexion.

This child friendly ramp can readily be incorporated into routine activities, such as daily teeth cleaning, playing computer games or working at a desk.

The Dorsi Ramp is recommended for children suffering from conditions such as idiopathic toe walking, cerebral palsy and clubfoot.

  • Strong, stable safe dorsiflexion ramp designed specifically for children
  • Flip over design and insert means that slope angles of 10, 15 and 20 degrees are achieved with no moving parts
  • Moulding encourages correct foot placement
  • Compound slope maintains correct dorsiflexion angle even if child abducts
  • For toddlers to children up to age 10 years

In a recent survey, all daily users of the Dorsi Ramp believe it to be effective.

Dr Ponseti's Supporting Letter

We have provided a copy of Dr Ponseti's supporting letter for you to download. This may aid you in searching for treatment for your child.