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Day Shoe Conversion Chart

Please note the 'S' stands for small and 'L' for large in front of the UK sizes.


New Balance (Euro) New Balance (US) Start-rite (Euro) Start-rite (UK) Size in mm
EU18 EU17 UK2 94mm-103mm
EU18.5 US3 EU18  UK2.5 104mm-107mm
EU19 US3.5 EU19 UK3 108mm-111mm
EU20 US4 EU19.5 UK3.5 112mm-116mm
EU20.5 US4.5 EU20 UK4 117mm-120mm
EU21 US5 EU21 UK4.5 121mm-124mm
EU21.5 US5.5 EU21.5 UK5 125mm-128mm
EU22.5 US6 EU22 UK5.5 129mm-133mm
EU23 US6.5 EU23 UK6 134mm-137mm
EU23.5 US7 EU23.5 UK6.5 138mm-141mm
EU24 US7.5 EU24 UK7 142mm-145mm
EU25 US8 EU25 UK7.5 146mm-150mm
EU25.5 US8.5 EU25.5 UK8 151mm-154mm
EU26 US9 EU26 UK8.5 155mm-158mm
EU26.5 US9.5 EU27 UK9 158mm-162mm
EU27.5 US10 EU27.5 UK9.5 163mm-166mm
EU28 US10.5 EU28 UK10 167mm-170mm
EU28.5 US11 EU28.5 UK10.5 171mm-175mm
EU29 US11.5 EU29 UK11 176mm-179mm
EU30 US12 EU30 UK11.5 180mm-183mm
EU30.5 US12.5 EU30.5 UK12 184mm-187mm
EU31 US13 EU31 UK12.5 188mm-192mm
EU32 US13.5  EU32 UK13 193mm-196mm
EU32.5 US1  EU32.5 UK13.5 197mm-200mm
EU33 US1.5  EU33 UK1 201mm-204mm
EU33.5 US2  EU33.5 UK1.5 205mm-209mm
EU34.5 US2.5  EU34 UK2 210mm-213mm
EU35 US3  EU35 UK2.5 214mm-217mm
EU35.5 US3.5  EU35.5 UK3 218mm-221mm
EU36 US4  EU36 UK3.5 222mm-225mm
EU37 US4.5  EU37 UK4 226mm-230mm
EU37.5 US5  EU37.5 UK4.5 231mm-234mm
EU38 US5.5  EU38 UK5 235mm-238mm
EU38.5 US6  EU39 UK5.5 239mm-242mm
EU39 US6.5  EU39.5 UK6 243mm-247mm