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Ambulatory adm sizing

Complete the fields below and press “Submit” to calculate the ADM configuration and associated C-Pro Direct product codes. Shoe size must be entered using the European sizing system.

For Ambulatory ADMs we support ADM size and spring configuration options for each shoe size as follows:

Standard STJ (abduction) spring with Standard TTJ (dorsiflexion) spring: This will provide a fairly strong spring configuration and is typically suitable for patients with stiff feet who supinate when walking (walk on the outer edge of the foot). Standard STJ with Standard TTJ is the most common configuration used for clubfoot patients.

Strong STJ (abduction) spring with Standard TTJ (dorsiflexion) spring: This provides a stronger abduction force and may be used where the Standard STJ is not sufficient. This combination is used mostly for clubfoot patients with very resistant feet. Many children use the Strong STJ option without any issue, but stronger springs will increase the possibility of patient intolerance. Also additional care must be taken to ensure the shoe is firmly fastened to the foot.

Light STJ (abduction) spring with Standard TTJ (dorsiflexion) spring: This provides less abducting force. Lighter abduction springs are often more appropriate for patients with neurological conditions where the sub-talar (STJ) joint foot is not resistant to motion, but there is muscle laxity resulting in some form of foot drop and or inward rotation.

Light STJ (abduction) spring with Light TTJ (dorsiflexion) spring: The Light STJ Light TTJ option is for patients with low muscle tone and body mass. Such patients offer little resistance to the ADM spring forces and may show too much dorsiflexion in the Light (STJ) Standard (TTJ) spring configuration.

Please contact us if you are not satisfied with the configuration of your ADM. Our advisors will work with you to determine what is required and provide free of charge replacements if necessary.